DEMI Soaker® DMPAD-4 Dry Ice Packs

Dry Ice Packs

Demi Ice is a flexible cut/peroferated sheet made up of individual cells that contain a super absorbent polymer, which when soaked in water for approximately five minutes. The sheets are then simply frozen overnight and then applied to your valuable perishable and other products to help maintain a cold temperature level during transportation and storage .

Features & Benefits

  • It stays frozen as long as dry ice which lasts 4~7 times longer then wet ice.
  • No watery mess. It’s reusable if maintained properly.
  • Light and easy to handle, Flexible. It can be cut perforated.
  • It also can be used as heat pack for keeping food、releasing muscle and stomach cramps or anywhere for heat purpose.
  • It’s thin, light, and flat, It save freight and easy to handle.
  • Non-toxic and national food authority compliance.


  • Widely used in the packaging and transportation of seafood、meat、 poultry、fruit & vegetables、chocolates 、flowers and other valuable fresh and frozen food products.
  • Ideal for outdoor activities and keeping your products cold and fresh in eskies and coolers.
  • Beneficial in providing cold therapy for first acid and injuries .
  • Maintains hot state for food and other heat needed purpose

Specifications :

  • 432 × 210mm - 4×3 cells - 960ml
  • 225 × 420mm - 4×6 cells -  570ml

Other custom Spec :

  • Cell size 格尺寸: W 70mm × L (55~180)mm 、W 60mm × L (55~180)mm、W 140mm × L (55~180)mm
  • Sheet size  ,  W(1~8) cells with no limits length .