Absorbent pads for meat、chicken、fish、ice replacement


  • Strong heat sealed edge to make sure no burst event under high pressure.
  • For high-juice products, very good performance with soaking capacity.
  • Use super absorbent high tech material that absorb and hold the water into gel form with no leakage.
  • It can be frozen in hydrated form and use as “ ice-replacement”.


  • Better quality and presentation with it’s high absorbent performance.
  • It’s thin ,light, and flat, it save freight and easy to handle.
  • It eliminate the need to repack and also substantially reduces the possibility of leakage and contamination to other products.


  • Wildly used in packaging or transportation of meat, fish, seafood, shell of any application requiring absorption of excess water or bio-fluids.
  • We can use as dry ice when it frozen, it provide very good conditions for storage and preservation of food.


  • Water absorbent capacity
  • Pad colors available:  white、 black、green、purple etc. We also supply other color according to different request.