DEMI Soaker® Absorbent Pad for Seafood、Fish

Features & Benefits

  • Using the technology of hydrated gel (super absorbent polymer), the seafood pad are famed for their ability to absorb saline liquids like sea water.
  • Absorbent liners are designed to quickly and effectively absorb the melting ice and juices released during fish transportation.
  • The liquid is absorbed and trapped inside the liner to prevents spillage and reduce odor .
  • The transport crate remains cold, clean and dry to optimise the condition and appearance of the fish.
  • Clean,easy and safe disposal.


  • The seafood & fish pad is a high absorbent pad offers cost effective bulk absorption which is widely used in  transportation、cold storage、 freezing or storage of live or fresh seafood products.
  • The seafood pads designed for the bulk transportation of fish、live shellfish、fish that have been cooled with salt water ice, or other foods that pack with ice.


  • Standard spec:
    • 500x300 mm    3000ml
    • 720x320 mm    8000ml
  • Available in custom sizes 、absorbency levels and colors to meet all applications.