DEMI Soaker®DMPAD-Y2 Absorbent pad for sushi, meat, fruit and vegetables Features


  • Complies with US FDA and QS certification.
  • It’s rigid, straight, more suitable for manual or automated packaging operations.
  • Superior high standard appearance, flat and tidy without any wrinkle.


  • More easy for human and automatic handle.

  • To be cut with any size according to different needs.

  • Unique design with soft middle layer to protect the food.


  • Medium or lower absorption purpose. Widely use in Sushi, vegetable, fruit and small absorption request of meat packaging.


  • Absorbent pad with roll and sheet is available. It can be made with difference dimension.

  • Dimension available: L(80-450)mm x W(45-800)mm

  • Water absorbent capacity: from 500gr/m2~3500gr/m2 for distilled water 500gr/m2~3500gr/m2

  •   Standard colour is white,PE Film color are available on request