DEMI Soaker®DMPAD-Y1 Absorbent pads for fruit、vegetables、meat

Features & Benefit

  • Complies with US FDA and QS certification.
  • It’s rigid, straight, more suitable for manual or automated packaging operations.
  • Superior high standard appearance, flat and tidy without any wrinkle.
  • Provides an exceptional absorbent presentation surface for fruit whilst ensuring the fruit is allowed to breathe.
  • This is achieved through its specially developed microporous surface allowing air to circulate whilst absorbing excess juices.
  • This layer also provides cushioning which reduces sweating and bruising, providing the ultimate absorbent pad for fruit.


  • DEMI Soaker® DMPAD-Y1 is very suitable used in absorbing the excess juice from pre-sliced meat, fruit, vegetable, Prolong the preservation period of food.


  • Product shape:roll or sheet.
    • roll: L(400-1500m)W(45-400mm) DO(Max 1200mm)
    • sheet: L(80-450)mm W(45-400)mm
  • Absorbent capacity :600-3500 ml/㎡
  • Pad colors available: white, black, red etc. We also supply other color according to different request